Thursday, May 19, 2005

falling down

No, it's not London bridge that's falling down (the song)...

It was me. Last saturday to be exact.

I fell down from the bed. I hurt my forehead. It was swollen, sooo big and purplish.

I cried and cried and cried.

I saw Bunda's eyes full of tears. Her cheeks too. Even her clothes.

She seemed more in pain than I was.

Njid, Jidah and Mi Ajib came, worries on their face.

But when I saw Njid, I felt calmer. I smiled a bit in my cry. I even danced a bit too.

Then I cried again when I realized that there was an old lady who got herself ready to do a massage on me. It wasn't Mak Kencot. It wasn't Mbi. It was a new old lady, Bunda called her Bu Haji Nong. She seemed nice though but suddenly I felt pain again when she touched my shoulder. I also heard she told Bunda that I got hurt on that area.

Finally it finished. I was soooo glad.

Then we went home, Bunda feed me, and I felt soooo sleepy. Then I slept. Got a nice dream of my self getting better.

Now I am a lot better. No more swollen and purplish forehead. I am fine now. But I think Bunda is still not fine. It's like a trauma for her.


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