Friday, February 25, 2005

abi-bunda time

Well it's week end so it's time for abi and bunda to play with me. In week days, every morning, Bunda sends me to my granny's (Jidah).

There are lots of people there so I would be watched carefully athough there was a time I decided to jump out of my stroller while it was somehow broken.

So, my head hit the table and I cried.

Get back to week end. Bunda is always excited about week ends and she really can't wait.

So, she picks me up every friday evening with a cheerful face--although actually I know that she must be very tired--and she will have me for the rest of the week end. Until monday comes and she really hates to go to work.

Bunda, take care of your self there in the office, I won't be there to look after you!

taken from

the day i was born

It was the most exciting day for Bunda

She really did her best to give birth to me

I was still crying when she first saw me

Abi was also there

The whole process he put his ayes on

Adzan was heard for the very first time

I felt calm

I felt love was all around


the day I was born

taken from